Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Review || Max Factor Lipstick; Ruby Tuesday 715

Max factor is one of my favourite brands for lip products and this is probably my all time favourite lipstick. The packaging, product, lasting power and colour are all just incredible. The packaging looks so sleek and classic giving the illusion that its more expensive than it actually is. The lipstick itself when applied is a matte red and is really vibrant. Unlike most high-street lipsticks you don't have to layer it on before heading out and keep applying it over and over again. If applied right at first you're set for the night! The lasting power of this lipstick is leagues ahead of other high-street brands. Depending on where you purchase it the price is in or around €10 and is definitely well worth the money. Because there is no need to keep re-applying it has lasted for me way longer than other lipsticks. However, my favourite thing about the Max Factor lipsticks is that they don't dry out my lips. After applying my lips feel nourished as if I've just applied lip balm.

Would I Re-Purchase? When the time comes I'll definitely be buying another. Although I don't think I will be needing one for quite some time! I would recommended this lipstick to everyone as it is a shade that suits every skin tone and hair colour.

Have you tried  Max Factor Lipsticks? Whats your favourite shade? 

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  1. Great review. I've been looking for a good shade of red that works for me since I have no clue of what works with my skin tone. I'll have to check this lipstick out!

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