Friday, June 16, 2017

Five Tips For Shopping On A Budget

Are you always looking to get that little bit extra out of your budget; whether it's when buying food, going to the cinema or adding a few items to your wardrobe? Well I always am, and I have so many tips and tricks for saving pennies in every aspect of day to day life. There is definitely a fine line between being stingy and being good with money. For example, when we finished college I wanted to buy something to mark the achievement, but instead I put that money aside and bought Barry and his sister a lovely lunch. Don't be pinching your pennies when it comes to treating the people around you, I always budget ahead to birthdays/Christmas so I have money to treat my loved ones. When it comes to clothes, there are always ways to get more for your money:

1. Don't Buy Without a Discount Code:
Like most people I lust after clothes non stop, but no way could I be buying clothes every month. What I've started doing is adding items to my cart and not purchasing until I find a discount for at least 20% off! I tend to buy a lot when Misguided have there 50% off everything flash sales. Last year I bought all my party dresses for Christmas, winter boots and a lot of knits for half nothing! It was the only splurge I did all year, but I also wore everything from it so much. However, This also leads me to my next point of don't buy it just because it's discounted.

2. Don't Buy Just because There is a SALE:
This took me so long to learn. Just because an item is on sale doesn't mean it is a good purchase. If its something you wouldn't have batted an eyelid at if it was full price, then remove it from the cart, pronto! I used to go into River Island every year for the sales and spend every cent I had on clothes that wen't even my size. I literally felt that because it was reduced by a few euros it was the deal of the century. Then I would get home and realise I have nowhere to where the clothes to and nothing to match them. So this brings me to my next point, think before you buy.

3. THINK before you buy:
Think about how many ways you can style an item. This goes for every time you are out shopping. When I'm buying something, I picture what I have in my wardrobe that will match it. How could I wear it to college, how could I dress it up or how could I dress it down? Would it work with tights or a jumper in winter, and then how could I change it up for summer. If I can't think of at least three ways to wear it, I won't buy it. This ties in with my next tip, when it comes to occasion wear, if I can't sell it again afterwards, it's not coming home with me.

4. Sell what you don't wear:
I could never justify buying an outfit for a night out, because when would I wear it again? This meant I ended up feeling crappy in some frumpy thing I'd probably worn 300 times already while everyone else looked amazing! Recently I've started buying pieces that I know will sell, for example, at Christmas I bought a gorgeous silky dress (which was 50% off on Misguided), I wore it out once and then sold it on within the week. This way I'm not really wasting money on clothes I'll only wear once and I don't feel guilty looking at it in my wardrobe. There are a lot of groups on Facebook for selling clothes which I find great, I've sold 20/30 things through them at this stage. There is also Depop which doesn't really work for me and then occasionally I do rail sales!

5. Charity Shop:
I love to shop in charity shops as you just never know what you will find. Some of my favourite pieces I own were picked up for less than €10. Also every now and again I donate bag loads of my unworn clothes to charity shops and nearly come out with as much as I went in with. I'm moving country in the near future, so I will definitely have to do another declutter and the charity shops will be overflowing with my clothes. You'd be surprised how good quality the clothes donated are and are often from amazing brands and labels, so don't knock it until you try it ladies.



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