Friday, June 23, 2017

A/W Investments to make in Summer

I suppose this post could be seen as a follow on from my Tips for Shopping on a Budget post where I shared a few pointers on how to get the most value for your money. One of the tips was to think before you buy, to picture how many different ways you can wear something and how versatile it is. Because I live in Ireland, where summer is more of a few day thing rather than a seasonal occasion, I think before I buy my summer clothes. I have to think, does that beach dress match tights and boots, can that top be layered over a polo neck or would it be okay for a night out, maybe? As a result my summer wardrobe is mainly made up of neutral colours and minimal prints.

Skirts / Shorts:
I live in skirts come wintertime so during the summer I always think ahead. As long as a skirt can be worn with a polo neck and tights I don't feel guilty about purchasing as I know it will be worn to death. I find that A-line skirts with a twist (like pockets or a frilly waistline) and baggy tailored shorts are great tran-seasonal pieces.

When the warm weather hits a t-shirt dress tends to be my go to as they are comfortable, stylish and leave room for any possible food babies! These are also great for winter nights out or you can always throw a trusty pair of tights underneath for your daytime pursuits.

Probably the most obvious choice, considering the wind and rain is never too far away here in Ireland. When I'm biuying a summer jacket I always go a size up, this is a life saver during winter so I can fit a big knit underneath for extra warmth. I have broad shoulders so going a size up is a must if I plan on layering up.

Playsuits / Jumpsuits:
Probably the most stress free outfits possible during the summer months, but are often forgotten with Autumn comes rolling in. I adore playsuits and I always go for muted colours such as khaki/ mustard/ wine as they work great all year round. I have a gorgeous khaki Playsuit from Penneys that I theme with bright oranges for summer which I then swap out for blacks/ Browns for autumn winter! Jumpsuits are really easy to transform for winter, all you need is a jacket or shirt to throw over and boots/ trainers to throw under!

In summer I tend to buy very little sandals and invest more in cutout boots or trainers, simply so I can get as much wear out of them as possible! I refuse to invest in expensive sandals and would rather put the money into a pair of boots that would look equally as good under a festival outfit as it would under your winter warmers!



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