Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How To Wear... Peter Pan Collars.

Hey everybody :)
Today I decided to go with a casual look. As everyone knows Perter Pan collars are huge at the moment. Every shop you walk into has numerous items with peter pan collars.

Lace Top: I picked up a t-shirt at the start of summer in Topshop very similar to the one above. It cost €49, which bust my budget for sure! But I made sure I got a lot of wear out it. Fortunately, Primark/Pennys are doing great items with peter pan collars, there fashionable and affordable!

Shorts: I paired the peter pan collared lace top with a pair of leather shorts. Personally. I'd wear black tights for daytime wear but for night time feel free to show some leg! A pair of black/coloured jeans would look great with this as an alternative! Leather is a trend that never seems to fade so leather shorts are widely available. I know Primark/Penneys and River Island  have brown and black leather shorts in stock.

Shoes: I was madly in love with brogues before they became 'cool'. Except on my size 7/8 feet they look more like clown shoes! These black and white ankle high leather brogues are adorable. For a night time look a pair of heels would really glam this look up!

Accessories: Since i went for a plain black and white monochrome look I felt it necessary to add a a bit of colour and the accessories are the perfect way to do so! Add a coloured hair tie and some bangles and beads and you're set to go!

Katie x


  1. Loving all types of collars at the moment !
    You've got a new follower :)
    Feel free to check out my blog too:


    Erika xx

  2. I Love your Blog. Think its great to see a good Irish Fashion Blogger.


  3. I love peter pan collars! It's one of those trends which will be in fashion for years to come! x


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