Monday, April 23, 2012

Junk Kouture National Finals .

Hello, Hello ♥

So Friday last was D-Day. Yes all the months of hard work, blood sweat and tears was put to the test at the Junk Kouture National Finals!

I had such an early start Friday morning as I live 3 hours away from Dublin where the finals were taking place. However, it was well worth the lack of sleep! I had my two amazing friends with me and of coarse my very supportive family were there cheering me on!

I was fourth last to go on the catwalk and I must admit the wait was excruciating! I preformed in front of an audience of over 1500 people and not to mention the incredible judges: famous Irish designer Peter O' Brien, Stylist Angela Scanlon, Fashion designer Zoe Boomer and Yvonne Holmes from ERP Ireland. Not long after I finished my performance the regional winners were announced and called up on stage.
To my disbelief I was chosen for the top 3 of the southern region! We were lined up onstage and critiqued on our outfits. Each judge picked there favourite, I was like an X Factor contestant hoping for my name to be chosen. To my amazement I got Peter O' Brien, Angela Scanlon and Zoe Boomer's votes. On a score of 3 to 1 I beat last year winner (who is one of the most talented and beautiful individuals I have ever laid eyes on, check out her blog here) I still think she should have won, but hey I'm not a judge!
Because I was a regional winner I was whisked of with the other three regional winners to appear on National TV on The Late Late Show. I met people like Ryan Tubridy and Johnathon Ross! The clip to us on the TV can be seen here . I'm sure you will all agree with me that the other regional winners are amazing!
On Thursday last I also went to Dublin for a photo shoot at the Sunday Independent in connection with Junk Kouture. The article can be seen here. On the way home from Dublin on Thursday I called into see my aunt and she gave me a good luck present of perfume and a gorgeous good luck pin! I recieved so many congratulations and good luck cards. I'd just like to say a huge thanks to everyone who supported me and voted for me throughout the competition!

I am so very proud of what I have achieved, It just goes to show if you don't succeed at something on your first attenpt, stick at it and you will get it if its what you truely want.

Lots of Love ♥

Here are a few snaps from the day: Enjoy!



  1. Oh I m so happy for you that you won!
    Congratulations =) you deserved it darling!

  2. Can't believe I missed you on The Late Late! But just watched the clip there and seen a few of the photos,your dress was amazing hun and well done :)


  3. really nice photos! I love what you do :)

  4. Well done! Your dress was awesome

  5. I love your dress! follow your blog, follow me back :)?

  6. It seems like you had a wonderful time!
    Love your blog, follow each other's both with GFC and facebook?
    It would be great!
    Tati ♥ pearls
    Tati ♥ pearls on Facebook

  7. likeee your blog!!!
    keep posting and go for it!


  8. Congrats! New follower here :D You look so gorgeous in that dress, I'm so jealous of your beautifulness haha!

  9. nice:)
    kiss kiss

  10. Oh wow, congratulations Katie, this is amazing! It must've been nervewracking waiting there for so long, but definitely worth it :)


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