Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You Have to Start Somewhere || Beefit Gyms

So I officially have two weeks down of training at Beefit Gyms and my god was it hard! As I was sitting in my car waiting to go in on the first day, I was like 'what have I signed myself up for?' I was so nervous and almost embarrassed as although I'm not heavy, I am extremely weak and unfit. But of course, I had nothing to be worried about! Over the past two weeks I trained with Deborah 6 times  throughout the fortnight. I found each workout extremely tough but somehow I managed to push myself through with the help of my trainer Deborah. I loved the one to one training session as it allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed and I didn't feel embarrassed about being clueless. Somedays Deborah had to pare back my sessions as I hadn't eaten enough to allow my body to sustain the energy I was exerting. When I get extremely tired my appetite just vanishes and putting food into my mouth is actually difficult. I know that sounds ridiculous but I promised I would be honest with these updates. However, I asked Deborah what things I should be eating before training to ensure when I go through those patches again I have a plan to follow and make myself eat.

Session 1: Assessment
For this introductory meeting I sat down with Deborah and Landa and they went through everything with me from my daily diet to past injuries. Deborah took all my measurements analysed any weak points in my body and recorded everything. Deborah could not have been friendly and answered every question I threw at her. Just when I thought we were finished, Deborah got me to put on a heart rate monitor and we hit the treadmill. There was no denying how unfit I truly am as my heart rate more than doubled in 15 minutes.  What a starting point!

Session 2:
After the assessment I was so scared of what was in store as I didn't realise how out of shape I had let myself get. We spent some time on the treadmill gradually building up speed, which I found really tough as my hip was hurting on top of being unfit. As I was having some difficulties we moved on to do some spinning, which I had never done before. I now have such major respect for people who attend spin classes on a regular basis, it was so tough. I felt sick and sore almost immediately doing it but I tried to push through until I couldn't take any more. After that my hip was still niggling so we worked on legs in order to pinpoint where my problem was coming from.

Session 3:
We hit the treadmill again in session three but this time it was only a steady walk on an incline. Once again my hip acted up and I struggled to carry on. As a result of this we moved onto the cross trainer, which I had never really used before. I actually enjoyed that and it didn't feel as hard on my hip. After completing that we spent the rest of the session working on arms. I can barely lift 2kg weights so it looks so funny when people are lifting these massive weights with no bother and my arms are about to give up with just 3kg.

Session 4:
This was the session that I was overtired and hadn't eaten enough. We started off on the treadmill doing sprints and I instantly knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up. I felt weak and lightheaded and was almost seeing stars. This was completely my own fault as I just hadn't eaten anything of nutritional value all weekend really. As a result, Deborah instantly changed the plan for the day and we worked on my body as a whole. This is what is so good aout having a trainer right by your side, they can instantly make adjustments to your training and monitor how your body is responding. We used a few machines which once again, I had never used as I had no idea how to and we worked on the inner and outer thigh and other small muscles in my legs. We finished off this session working on my shoulders & chest using the slightest bit of TRX.

Session 5:
Again we started off on the treadmill and although I struggled, I had consciously made sure I was eating enough that I would no longer feel dizzy. I can't remember exactly what I was doing was called but I though it would never end. When I got to the end I was officially wrecked and parched and honestly couldn't go for another second! For the rest of this session we used various different machines that worked my whole body. I love learning what machines do and how to use them correctly. Deborah is right by my side throughout the session, ensuring that I'm con concentrating on the right parts of the body when using each machine.

Session 6:
This session we skipped the treadmill and went straight into spinning. We rejigged around the bike and I straight away got off to a better start then my previous attempt at spinning. I could already feel improvements with my hip from the exercises Deborah had me doing. I think I actually completed the amount of time Deborah had intended on spending spinning which I hadn't been able to do previously. To be honest I was seriously struggling towards the end and she was literally counting the seconds for me to keep going. Once the Spinning was complete I was ready to go home, but we were really only half way through, we spent the rest of the session doing TRX which I really enjoyed but found really challenging.

All in all, I'm really enjoying the sessions so far. I am literally struggling the whole way through them but as the title says, you have to start somewhere. I love training with Deborah and she makes the hour go so quickly and is so encouraging!


  1. Do anything you want to do, and nice post


  2. Great stuff, everyone has to start somewhere and you're truly inspiring :)


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