Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Debs

Debs for us Irish girls is as big a deal as your wedding- well maybe not THAT big of a deal but still some girls do go all out! As this is my second debs, and I have another one next year I didn't want to spend a lot of money; actually I didn't want to spend any money! So me being me went all DIY on it! 

All my accessories are items I already owned, I did my hair and make-up myself also.The material I decided to use for  my dress was given to my mam a few years ago when a shop was closing down so it cost me nothing. I actually only started my dress the week before the debs because I just couldn't get motivated. Thankfully my mam was amazing and helped me out a little as I had to work the days leading up to it!  Unfortunately my boyfriend couldn't go, but he still got me this beautiful corsage, daisies are my favourite flower, I thought it was gorgeous. What do you think? 
In the making.

Awkward posing in the finished product. I refused to put on shoes!
My gorgeous corsage.
How do you think the dress turned out? Is anyone else finding it hard to get motivated to get dressed up? Or are you going DIY on an event or doing it on a budget? Id love to hear about all your thriftiness!

Lots of Love,
Katie xx


  1. this is gorgeous!
    you're so talented.
    and so beautiful.
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

  2. You look beautiful, that dress is gorgeous, love the colour and the backless detail!

  3. You're so talented, this dress is gorgeous! I wish I could've had the freedom to create something like this when I did my Textiles GCSE...the braided waistband is like what I used to design when I was younger.
    Thankyou for following my music blog by the way! I've moved to a fresh new blog if you want to follow me still -> hakuna matata xx

  4. The dress is beautiful! I'd definitely buy it in a shop if I saw it. You looked stunning. Wish I had you hair ha :)

  5. Wow you look absolutely beautiful :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  6. well done it turned out fab!!! hope you had a great night x

  7. OMG, you look so pretty. This dress is amazing!

  8. wow! that dress is so pretty!

  9. wonderful. you look so fantastic.

    xx m

  10. I can't believe you made this yourself, it's beautiful :) xx.

  11. Wow, I can't believe you made that in such a short period of time to boot! Congrats lady, you look wonderful and the dress is amazing on you!
    Love, Shushu

  12. That dress is amazing! I can't believe you made that yourself. I wish I was that talented!

  13. that dress is beautiful!

  14. The dress is so beautiful! You're so talented, I cant believe you made it yourself! xx

  15. wow such a beautiful dress!:) amazing!
    xx Kate

  16. Aw you are so beautiful and the dress is amazing! Where do you come from? If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest outfit :)

  17. your so talented. the back of that dress fits you perfects and it's so flattering! keep up the talent! love it all. sending kisses from Las Vegas!!!
    -Jasmine O.

  18. That dress is beautiful!! Can't believe you made it yourself!

  19. Wow, a couple of years ago I made a similar-ish dress, wish I had a photo of it! Fun :)

  20. that is lovely i wish i could made a dress ... i prolly could ... but dont know where to start haha!



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