Monday, September 28, 2015

Style Steals | Grafea vs La Moda

If you are big into fashion blogs or have one yourself you would have seen the 'it' bag for quiet some time was the ever so chic Grafea backpack. I loved it until I found out that it cost an arm and a leg and quickly lost interest thinking about how much clothes I could buy for the price of one fab pastel backpack. However, as I was browsing through La Moda's website recently, suddenly my interest was sparked again. Could it be? A slightly convincing dupe for the famous accessory? I think this is the best dupe I have seen so far so of course, I had to share it with my lovely readers!
Coming in at just €31 in comparison to Grafea's price of €256 you are making a saving of almost eight tenths! If your a backpack lover then this is most certainly the style steal for you!

Do you like this dupe? How would you style this item?
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