Tuesday, December 15, 2015

❄ ALPRO // Winter warmers ❄

You may have remembered that last year I got involved with the #AlproTops campaign for Alpro and really enjoyed the breakfast challenges I completed. This Christmas they challenged me to create my perfect 'Winter Warmer' food or drink using their Oat original drink. The name of the game was to use seasonal ingredients to create my own personal 'Winter Warmer' recipe. I have quite a bland palette so kept my oats plain and simple, but I did try out the Oat Original Drink in different recipes. 

If you know me, you'd know I have a terribly unbalanced diet. Before completing the Alpro Tops challenge last year I would rarely even eat breakfast. However, the Alpro Tops gave me a lot of ideas with how to get creative with my brekie and still be quick and easy. You'll be glad to know that the  Alpro Oat Original is a healthy and nutritious choice as it is naturally low in fat, with no added sugars and is a source of both calcium and vitamin D. I don't count calories but for all of you who do it only has 44 calories per serving. As it is so rich in fibre, Alpro Oat Original is an easy way for me to get some much needed nutrients into my daily diet.

I was so excited to get stuck in and create my own personalised Alpro Oat Original recipe. I actually found it really tough as I hate cinnamon or any of those other flavours that are considered to be festive. I decided to try out the Alpro Oat Original first off with a traditional porridge. I just replaced the water/milk I'd usually use with the Alpro Oat Original drink and the result was the creamiest porridge I have ever tasted. I coat my porridge in shovels of sugar which probably cancels out all the goodness but for me this was my festive christmas winter warmer treat. I also used the Alpro Oat Original drink to make some delicious overnight oats. 


Have you tried this?


Lots of Love,


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