Thursday, June 30, 2016

No More Excuses || Beefit Gyms

Hat: Missguided // Gym Gear: Penneys // Runners: Schuh

A couple of months back I made a decision to stop making excuses for everything. I wasn't doing anything for myself and when someone questioned me I always had an excuse. I was telling myself all these excuses and I genuinely believed them and I was just falling into a slump. I mentioned recently that I now work a few small jobs that I love, I'm balancing my social life slightly better and I even began to exercise. By exercise I meant one group class a week (which I spent most of talking to my friend) but nonetheless I was at least getting out of the house and going! Then bit by bit things got busy work wise and I started making excuses again! Just as I was falling into another slump I got an email from the lovely Deborah from Beefit Gyms in Limerick.

Beefit Gyms which are located on the Ballysimon Road aim to be the cheapest and friendliest gym in Limerick. Although I've heard great things about the gym, I've always been afraid to commit as I'm pretty much useless when it comes to using equipment and I can't really do any exercise properly. When Deborah suggested working with her and the other deputy manager, Landa, at the gym for 6 weeks of personal training sessions (2-3 times a week) I jumped at the offer as it seemed like exactly what I needed. Of course I am going to keep this one hundred percent honest and fill you in on what I love/hate about the programme, what it all consists of and my progress along the way. I have no idea how this is going to go, but fingers crossed I can finally build up a bit of strength and get a slightly healthier lifestyle on track with the help of Beefit Gyms.

If you have any questions feel free to private message me or contact me through any of my social media platforms. I plan on doing a gym update every two weeks and will also do a run down on all the pricing, etc once I've completed the sessions.


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