Sunday, October 16, 2016

BeeFit Gyms - 12 week update - It's important to find time

So I have officially been training with Beefit Gyms Limerick for just about three months now and it is still as hard as ever! Nonetheless, I still enjoy it so much and have loved every minute of training with both Deborah and Landa. Since returning back to college in September it has been a constant struggle to make it in to the gym. With last minute meetings popping up I have had to cancel so many times (which I feel awful about). However, with the workload of fourth year piling up I have realised the importance of getting out and doing some exercise. As I have stated from the get go, I am not trying to loose weight by going to the gym, I initially wanted to tone up and get fitter but it has become about getting some head space and relieving any 'stress' (I hate using that word).

My last 6 weeks of training have been spent with Landa by my side for every session. She is so patient and puts up with my constant whinging throughout each session. Each session differs depending on how many times I am training in a particular week. I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and Landa was such a help in relieving the pain and is now helping me build up some strength to ensure I don't hurt it again. I am such a weakling in every aspect of my body so it is great to see improvements in strength in my arms and shoulders over the last 12 weeks. I am still eating so bad but as I will be continuing with as much training as I can fit in over the next few months, I will start to focus on my food more.

If you are thinking about joining a gym and are living in the Limerick area, Beefit Gyms definitely gets my recommendation. I am so awkward in any gym environment but I feel so at home here!

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