Sunday, January 22, 2017

Five Thoughts on Final Year

1. Assignments are not the end of the world:
This is something I have to continuously tell myself on a day to day basis. Last semester I had no exam in two out of my four modules which meant I had at least one assessment due every week, with most weeks having two or three things due. I literally spent those three months with a tight chest, panicking every single minute, giving myself a constant headache. Don't even get me started on presentations, although they are my biggest strength, Jesus the fear, stutters and meltdowns I would have. After completing semester one of my final year, I haven't given any of those assignments another thought and probably couldn't remember what I even wrote about being frank! I'm not saying don't care about your assignments, my point is, just relax and do your best. Stressing will actually hinder you in the long run.

2. Start Your Dissertation EARLY:
This is for future final year students. I decided to change my dissertation title at the start of this year meaning I had to change supervisor and this was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I work best when it's the day before the deadline, but my god, no way would that have been possible with my final year project. My supervisor was so helpful but also set little deadlines throughout the semester which meant I had no choice but do the work continuously. As my dissertation was a research project, I never realised how much work it actually involved, I though I could read a few books, sit down and write it. I was wrong, between compiling and carrying out surveys, people not completing them, trawling through the responses it was so time consuming! Just avoid the hassle and do what your supervisor says, it's worth a lot of your over all degree at the end of the day!

3. Other people have things going on in their lives too:
It's so easy to get caught up in how busy you are and to not make time for others. I have been on the giving and receiving side of this and can see how it feels for either side. I get so caught up in my own schedule and trying to squeeze 100 things into a day that it all eventually comes crumbling down and I am left unable to do anything at all. By trying to keep on top of things for myself I tend to not help out with other things going on around me. When I get stressed I tend to get short with people, not in a nasty way but not as kind as I would like to think I am. Long story short, make a conscious effort to think about other peoples lives as much as your own workload. 

4. It's okay to have fun now and again:
I am so guilty of not enjoying myself. Unlike the majority, I actually don't really like the whole university experience all that much. I used to go out a good bit (for me) when I lived in the city centre, as I had my own space and if I wanted to go home I'd be there in a few minutes. Going out now actually stresses me out to the max to the point that I feel ill. I'm not a loner or anything, the majority of my friends are actually really outgoing and I feel like I would just be holding them back by going out. Many of my friends still do live in town and they would only be too happy to let me stay over but I hate feeling like a nuisance. Basically, I'm saying, college is a once in a lifetime experience for many, so make the most of it.

5. Whats for you, won't pass you:
So in approximately four months I'm going to be out there in the real world and expected to get a job and 'adult' officially. The thought of securing a job worries me around the clock, like what am I actually even qualified to be? However, I am a strong believer in 'whats for you, won't pass you' and this applies to all walks of life, not just university. As long as you work hard and do your best, it will all work out in the end. So for the last remaining months I am going to try and remind myself of these points and survive my final year of University.


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