Wednesday, November 21, 2012

REVIEW: Aussie - Aussome Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Yes AUSSIE is a brand to be shouting about! I am constantly on the hunt for a volume enhancing shampoo, I like the idea of big luscious hair but my hair refuses to take backcombing or hairspray. I also like to keep things natural, there's always that one girl that goes a step to far and looks like she got electrocuted! 

First of all could the packaging be any cuter? You can get various size bottles from travel size up to 500ml. (don't quote me on that though, you can get up to around 850ml on their website) The travel sizes are perfect for stocking fillers and hampers! AUSSIE products are almost always on offer in Boots, two for €7, which I think is brilliant value for money.
The 'AUSSOME VOLUME' shampoo and conditioner smell like sherbet, YUM, resist the urge to eat it girls! The products themselves in my opinion could not be any better for my hair. I alternate between these and the lush shampoo bars every so often. I use no other shampoos anymore as I feel the majority leave my hair heavy and greasy within a day, ugh. This shampoo leaves my hair looking healthy with plenty of natural volume. It gives me that beachy edge without my hair ending up dry and strawy. Majority of the time I don't even use the conditioner and when I do I just run a small bit through the ends of my hair. It really is that good so don't go plastering it on. Your hair will be smelling gorgeous for days!

Would I re-purchase? Most definitely, I already have about three or four times and I will again in the next few weeks. Check out the offers in Boots girls and grab them while the cheap. Give your hair a treat!

Do you have an obsession with Aussie also? Or have you found a little gem to treat your hair with? 
Let me know below.

Lots of Love,


  1. Ooh any chance this brand gets stocked out of Aus? My hair could seriously use some love while back in NZ.

  2. i'm such a big fan of aussie and it always smells delicious! x

  3. I would give it a try. Though I think that conditioner bottle must be twice bigger than the shampoo bottle. Simple logic. Thank you for posting.


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