Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Junk Kouture - Southern Region.

Last Thursday night (14th of March) I attended the Southern Region Final of Junk Kouture in the University Concert Hall in Limerick. If you have never heard of this competition, I have discussed Junk Kouture numerous times in these previous posts: Junk Kouture 2013,  Junk Kouture National Finals, Junk Kouture Semi Finalists,  Junk Kouture,  
I cannot believe it's a year already from when I first stepped up on stage in my regional final! The year has really flown. The talent at Thursday night’s show was astonishing. The standard of the creations is rising each year and most certainly the south did not disappoint. I was in complete awe of some of the outfits, its hard to comprehend that they are all made out of junk! The talent is really mind blowing.
The atmosphere was electric in UL- for most of the show the crowd was up dancing and singing. It was really great to sit in the audience and soak up the atmosphere and see each outfit and performance which I had never got the chance to do when I was competing. I would recommend for everyone here in Ireland to go see one of the Junk Kouture shows. They are truly entertaining even if you don't know anyone involved! They are an experience within themselves.
Here are a few of my favourites from the show:

Outfit one made of cans, Outfit two made from cards.

Outfit one made using leaves, Outfit two made using shredded paper.

Of course my favourite creation is this years entry from my school. The girls and our teacher have put in so much work and it clearly shows. The dress is made from clothes pegs and it glows in the dark!

Where you at one of the Junk Kouture shows? What do you think of these outfits?
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  1. Omg this are really amazign!!!! High Couture!!!

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  3. how quirky and interesting yet unique are those designs! they are literally pieces of artwork! xo
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  4. Those outfits look amazing! Did your school get through? :D

  5. That clothes peg dress is breath taking - I'm in awe of the creativity and hard work that must have gone into it and all the other designs too. Congratulations on the incredible design! :)


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