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Junk Kouture 2013 National Winners - Ultra Violet Wash.

It is no secret at this stage that I am 'Junk Kouture' crazy! 
Being so obsessed with this competition I am thrilled to share with you a mini interview with the winning team of Junk Kouture 2013. The winner is none other than 'Ultra Violet Wash' created by best friends Ceile Corbett, Annie Corbett and Shannon McCarthy who are all  Transition Year students at Coláiste Iosaef, Kilmallock. 
'Ultra Violet Wash' is made entirely from clothes pegs and lint found in the filters of dryers! It looks remarkable on the catwalk and it even glows in the dark! (pretty impressive huh?) The girls along with our  art teacher Ms O'Hara spent months perfecting this astounding creation and as you can see it is a well deserving winner. They have won some amazing prizes including a trip to Cannes Film Festival
I threw a few questions to the girls and as you will see they answered them very honestly. They are truely an amazing trio whith a bright future ahead of them!
The Team: Shannon, Ms O' Hara, Annie, Ceile.

What made you want to enter Junk Kouture in the first place? When did it all begin for ye?
Shannon: Well to be honest we only really did Junk Kouture as something to keep us occupied in Transition Year! But look at where it has got us. It all began back in the start of October and we kind of finished the dress around January but we just kept adding to it
Ceile: We wanted to enter Junk Kouture honestly for the doss off class and for something to do when there is nothing to do in TY and of course seeing how well you did last year made us want to try make the most of TY. It all began firstly when you took all the interested groups for classes and also when our art teacher returned back to school which was the real beginning but the making of the dress was around the start of October or end of September.

Where did ye come up with the idea for the dress? - What was your inspiration?
Ceile: We came up with the idea of the dress from our parents always complaining about how wooden clothes pegs break so easily, the lint was also a complaint as our dryers are full of the unwanted material that our art teacher taught us how to make into a fabric. I think our inspiration was to make a dress that was going to stand out and was in style at this time hence why we made it glow in the dark and have the peplum effect of course our art teacher Miss O’ Hara inspired us too.

What did it feel like when ultraviolet wash was announced as the winner? - How did ye react?
Shannon: I am still in shock, it hasn't hit me yet that we've won it's just... It's crazy! Well me, Ceile and Ms O' Hara were standing down near the front and we literally just started crying from happiness it was honestly the best feeling in the world!

What was it like appearing on the Late Late Show?
Shannon: Seeing Annie being interviewed on national TV was just so weird haha. 
Ceile: seeing our dress and Annie on the Late Late Show felt so unrealistic, I could not believe my eyes watching from the side curtain.. knowing that our dress and best friend was on national TV was an outstanding moment.

Annie Looking Fierce.
What was the best/most memorable part of the whole experience?
Ceile: Of my whole experience of Junk Kouture, the best moment was definitely hearing those 3 words 'Ultra Violet Wash' after the presenters saying 'the overall winner is '. I honestly didn't know what to do, as Ms O'Hara ,Shannon and I fell to the ground and cried with tears of joy and and of course then trying to climb on stage (again ha) but as that wasn't allowed, Shannon and I ran to try find a way of seeing Annie after running up and down 4 flights of stairs (in heels and wedges) , stubbing my toe we didn't end up seeing her until the Late Late Show and that moment the 3 of us hugged backstage of the Late Late Show just literally was the best feeling ever. It's honestly a memory I'll in my whole entire life never forget , the feeling that all the hard work paid off was just amazing.
Shannon: For me the best part was at the southern regionals in UL, the atmosphere was actually amazing I've never seen anything like it and I will never forget this whole experience!

Do any of ye wish to pursue a career in fashion?

Shannon: Well when I was younger I did always say I wanted to be a fashion designer but as I've gotten older the idea faded from my head but you never know what could happen.
Ceile: To be honest I never had an interest but that was before Junk Kouture, I wouldn't say I'd want a career in fashion but it really has opened my eyes to fashion in a different way that without this competition I would have never seen.

What advice would ye give to any future Junk Kouture entrants?

 The advice I would give anyway is do something different that hasn't been done before, be original, it's what the judges want!
Ceile: My advice to any future entrants would be look over what has been done and what has been successful down through the years , make sure your dress is unique and FULL of detail. Our dress is all about standing out so make sure yours does too in a unique way. As the southern regional winner last year Katie O Brien (you ha) is a student in our school, her dress Symbiotic Synergy showed us that detail is vital. As you make your dress it will be stressful but in the end it will all pay off and that's the key thing we've learned throughout this whole experience.

Annie: They said everything I was thinking and feeling. I would just like to add a little something.. Throughout these last few months we have grown .. We have had our ups and downs but I personally feel we have grown stronger as a team and best friends! I don't think ye (Shannon & Ceile) will ever feel the sickness in my stomach driving into UL and of course driving up to Dublin.. I did NOT want to let ye down after all our hard work. I know ye said it wouldn't of been my fault if we didn't get true but i could not help the way I felt.The joy of hearing our dress been called out as the winner was Outstanding I will never forget the happiness I felt right there and then .. I just want to say thank you so so much for leaving me do this. When I got the responsibility of modeling the piece, not coming anywhere was NOT an option. Just thanks girls

What do you think? Did you enter Junk Kouture? Are You interested in entering next year?
For more information pop over to Junk Kouture's facebook page here.
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  1. My two best friends made it to the finals of Junk Kouture, it was amazing!
    I love that outfit, looks like a heap of work went into it. Great interview! :-)

  2. amazing!!<3
    Emma xx

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  4. Oh my god that is incredible, they are so talented!

    I'm hosting a giveaway if you're interested! xo


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