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Best of Limerick || Dining.

As I mentioned when launching my best of Limerick post, These are all just my personal preferences or guilty pleasures. When it came to choosing my favourite places to eat they all happened to be in the city. This doesn't mean I don't like any restaurants in the country I just don't get the chance to try any out. When I'm at home I have work so I don't really get the chance to eat out unless it is a family occasion.

Marco Polo
1. Marco Polo: I am not adventurous at all when it comes to food and generally stick to what I know for fear of not liking a dish and being left hungry, However, every time I go to Marco Polo I order something new because you are guaranteed it is going to be delicious. The food is exceptional value and you can get great meal deals depending on the time of day. You can get a two course set lunch from just €9.95. The portions are huge and I guarantee you wont be left hungry. This is available until 5PM everyday of the week. I don't think you could get a better deal than that. Other deals apply after 5PM but they are still exceptional value. Marco Polo is located on O'Connell street and has a stunning interior. I love this for both lunchtime and evening dining whether it be Barry, my family or friends I am eating with. 

2.Z-we-ton: is definitely my favourite oriental restaurant in the city. Value meal deals are also available at anytime of the day. You can choose any starter, any main course with a bottle of beer, glass of water or soft drink for just €15.95. You may have noticed I'm all about a good deal! It has 3 different restuarants located in the City Centre (Denmark Street), Raheen and Castletroy. I go to Raheen as it is the most convenient for where I live. I love this for evening dining as its great value and a lovely location. The design of the interior is stunning and there is plenty of space. Check out their menu to see their wide range of dishes and meal deals.
Le Chocolat
3.Le Chocolat: my top 3 picks all happen to be under the same management group. They really do know what they are doing. The provide great quality affordable dining and Le Chocolat offers a great early bird menu that is to die for. It's been a while since I've eaten here as I tend to be eating out more at lunchtime than at dinner time. It has never disappointed me and I have never heard a bad review of it They offer a set lunch menu for €15, a 3 course value meal deal for €16.95 and a set dinner menu for €25. For more information head over to their website.

4.Quiglys: I love Quiglys in the Crescent Shopping Centre. I get cravings for their ceaser wrap whilst at college as It's absolutely delicious. The place is always busy and that is probably the only con of the place as it is so hard to find seating. As always with me, it is brilliant value and they have a wide selection of wraps to toasties and even a sweet thing or two. The staff are friendly and obliging and the food is great - What more could you want.

Where is your favourite places to eat? Are any of these spots your favourite?
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