Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review || Kate Moss Lilabelle.

Along with the rest of my perfumes I got this as a gift. I can never pick out a perfume for myself but I always love the ones other people buy for me! I think you can never have too much perfume as I often become immune to a scent and like to change things up and alternate perfumes a lot. I think the cute girly packaging is just adorable and I prefer it to Kate's first perfume. The bottle is a reasonable size so it is perfect to throw into your handbag. The product has great lasting power, the scent stays all day which doesn't happen with a  lot of perfumes. It has a lovely fruity and flowery scent and it reminds me of summer. I usually wear this as a day to day perfume as it's not too overpowering. It is a reasonable price as far as I know although it is a bit more expensive than the other Kate Moss perfumes.
Would I Re-Purchase? Yes, with its price being so reasonable I will definitely ;pick myself up another one for day to day wear.

 Have you tried this? What was your opinion?
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