Friday, September 12, 2014

Wishlist - Back To College

I can't believe how quick the summer flew by and that I have already gotten over my first week back to college. I always  have a list as long as my arm of things I think would be lovely in my possession so returning to college added quiet a few more things to the list. Although the majority of the time I go through phases of lusting after one particular type of item this wish list is quiet a good mix of accessories, clothes and beauty products.  During the college year I love to dress comfortable yet somewhat respectable so I tend to wear dresses the majority of the time. If I feel like I've no choice but throw on a pair of jeans, the LANA RI jeans are the only ones I find comfy. I think all these pieces can be worn throughout the year and in years to come so are definitely worth investing in. In my opinion, there is no point buying something if you're only going to get one wear out of it!
Naked Basics || Perfume || Bracelets || Bag || Benefit Mascara || Fedora || Boots || Shirt Dress || T-Shirt Dress || Top || Watch || Jeans

Whats currently on your wish list?
Lots of Love,

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