Friday, January 02, 2015

Alpro Tops Challenge

I am the worst person every diet wise! I would happily eat a bag of crisps first thing in the morning and think nothing of it. (I know, how disgusting) So, when Alpro contacted me asking would I be interested in getting involved in their #AlproTops campaign, I thought it would be a great chance to get a bit healthier. 
Care Package sent by Alpro.
AlproTops is all about getting creative with your breakfast using Alpro’s Big Pot alternatives to yogurt as your blank canvas. They asked me to create a different AlproTops topping combination everyday (for five days) and experiment with my dream plant-based combinations. From nuts to berries, spices to seeds, they encouraged me to put a healthy twist on my yogurt blank canvas and decide which one was my ‘AlproTops of the Pots’.

There were four different Big Pot flavours for you to choose from – Simply Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry with Rhubarb and Lemon & Lime. Jordan from Alpro was so generous and sent me countless topping combinations to get me started. I personally don't like anything rhubarb flavoured so I stuck to experimenting with the other three Big Pots. Here are a selection of my favourite AlproTops combinations. My favourite Big Pot was a close one between the Lemon and Lime and the Simply plain. However, being such a Plain Jane my favourite was the Simply Plain as you could create any combinations with it. 
It really was a good caves to start out with when creating a healthy breakfast.

What do you think of my combinations? Are you going to try the AlproTops challenge?
Lots of Love,

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  1. I love alpro products! Your combinations all look delicious, especially the last one


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