Sunday, January 25, 2015

Top 5 || Hair Products.

Along with so many other girls, my hair has been my comfort blanket and having a bad hair day practically meant being self conscious for the day. (yes, I do realise how ridiculous that sounds) My hair always needed a lot of TLC as it was so long and straggly. I honestly didn't realise how much hassle my hair was and how much maintaining my hair needed until I cut it recently. It feels so sleek and healthy since I gave it the chop and I hope to keep it this healthy from now on. I decided to share some of my favourite hair products with you all and hopefully help some of you with your hair struggles.

  1. Aussie - Aussome Volume Shampoo and Conditioner: I am a huge Aussie fan and every time boots have an offer on I repurchase these items and try to test out something new from the range as it's so reliable. My hair is naturally pretty flat so with the help of this it gets a subtle bit of umph. I love a bit of volume in my hair, but backcombing everyday would really take its toll on your lovely locks. Aussie products are my absolute favourite treat for my hair and this shampoo and conditioner give my hair a bit of a bounce and have it looking super healthy. 
  2. Tresemmé Blow Dry Spray: I think this is just brilliant and love it in combination with the 'Aussie Take the Heat' hair treatment. It's so important to protect your hair against all the hot tools that come in contact with your hair whether you're curling, straightening or blow drying!
  3. Miracle 10 Oil: I've always been dying to try Moroccan Oil and similar products but as they are way out of my budget I was delighted to come across this beauty in Penneys/Primark. Its affordable and an effective pick me up for tired dry hair.
  4. Aussie - Take The Heat Hair Treatment: Like I said above this has become an essential for my hair care routine. I feel that little bit less guilty when straightening my hair after using this and it gives such a sleek finish!
  5. Aussie - Dual Personality Hi-Hold + Hi-Shine Hairspray: This is a newbie which has crept into my favourite hair products towards the end of 2014. As I mention in my review of this product here I never was one who felt the need for hairspray but I constantly find myself reaching for this one. 
Do you love any of these products as much as me?
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  1. I've used some of Aussie's shampoo's and conditioners before - love them and I've hear such good things about their hair treatment but never tried it, may have to at some point.



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